IOS Jailbreak: Definition, Advantages and Risks

Following the release of a particular iOS, there are also many people (teams) who try finding a tool to have the root access of apple operating system, usually called as jailbreak. Jailbreak itself is purposed to make all users feel more comfortable using the iphone, ipad, and many other apple devices that use operating system within it. Many people take advantage of iOS jailbreak, but everyone also knows that it is risky. What is jailbreak? what are its advantages and risks? we are going to discuss it here to help you. ios jailbreak

What is Jailbreak

IOS jailbreak or usually called as jailbreaking is a process removing of the limit established by apple on you device like iphone or ipod. The operating system used by iphone, ipad, ipod, and apple TV can be jailbroken, in which it has unlimited access to any software and service in the app store. The jailbreaking will make the users have the full access (root access) to the operating system, which means as well the iOS users can download any software and tool from the iOS, either original or piracy, provided in apple store no paid and for free. Basically, the jailbreaking makes the users loose the access to the root file system enabling themselves to activate some features previously locked by apple. It makes them easily can access everything, and some of users even say that jailbreaking could make their phone works better and faster. However, the result may vary based on different condition and factors.

is Jailbreak Legal?

Another question coming from you, as the users of iphone, is the jailbreak legal? There are also so many people ask about that. The jailbreaking activity generally makes its users have a full access to the apple file root system, while end up its guarantee of his/he iOS device. In America, the jailbreaking activity itself is legalized by law. However, the activity can end up the guarantee given officially by apple wheneve the phone experiences something unexpected. Jailbreaking activity itself does not include the modification activity to the hardware, so it is applied only to the software. The process then will be so easy to turn over into its previous condition using itunes. So when you don’t want to use it again, you can inactivate it.

Jailbreak Pangu

From so many jailbreak tool services in the world, pangu is the most popular and most credible jailbreak company. The jailbreak itself has been applied to the iOS from iOS 6,7,8 and 9. Following the release of iOS 10 to public, the jailbreaking issue is also spread anywhere to the entire world. Many users are awaited very much for the release of iOS 10 jailbreak to public, usually pioneered by pangu. Pangu is one of the most popular jailbreaker which has the good reputation in giving its user easy and convenient way for jailbreak.

IOS 10 Jailbreak

ios-10-jailbreak The users of iOS 10 are still waiting for the official announcement from pangu regarding iOS 10 jailbreak. They feel so curious, how it could be? However, pangu itself is still silence, without any confirmation and announcement. Whereas, the jailbreak is usually launched a month after the iOS released. Today, two months after iOS 10 release, pangu still have not yet announced about its jailbreak. It is also possible if jailbreak for iOS 10 will not exist.

How To Jailbreak

Jailbreaking the iOS itself could be lots easier than rooting android. The process of jailbreak can be done by other person, or you can do it by yourself. With jailbreak, you can have access to cydia. The jailbreak is one by using application from pangu, as the example. You can download pangu simply from your app store. As the alternative, you can consider for the mojo or tinyumbrella to help you doing the jalbreak. Each tool or software has its own plus and minus. Before you decide to install it, make sure you have read about them carefully.

What Will Happen To Your Device After Jailbreak?

After jailbreaking, you may get the advantages, as follow;
  • Getting access to cydia
  • Can easily install paid app
  • Full control to set ringtone
  • Full control to use theme
  • Doing unlock
However, you may take the advantage but you also still have the risk, as follow;
  • Malware threat
  • Voiding the apple warranty
  • Short-life battery
  • Difficulty to upgrade iOS
Those are some of advantages and risks might happen to you after jailbreaking your apple device. We are still waiting your comment, and also your suggestion, we can share to the other. If you are going to jailbreak your apple device, we suggest you to think twice. Is it extremely needed or not? If not so, please just keep your device with its own manufacturing setting. So you will always have its warranty, and avoid some harmful risks may happen.