What Apple Says About iOS Jailbreak?

There are many people who feel so happy about iOS jailbreak. They have the full control for their own iphone or ipad device, and it becomes so fascinating somehow. However, iOS jailbreak is high risk of malware and some errors. Therefore, apple decided to stop guarantee for the phone which is jailbroken. The apple corporation itself is the firm opposed to the jailbreaking. It is proven by their massive effort to release some software which can remove any jailbreak software from the device. It can prevent the jailbreak tool from working.


So what apple say about jailbreaking?

According to www.macworld.co.uk, “part of this is to protect its commercial interests. Apple runs the software store so it wants you to keep using the store. And developers spend time making software and want to get paid.” The commercial interest is what becomes emergence in this issue. Indeed, apple runs the app so that users should still use the store to find apps.

Not only about commercial interest, apple oppose jailbreaking also based on several reasons of privacy and security. Apple wants the device system to remain secure, meanwhile jailbreaking threaten any device which run it. Apple also identifies some issues as the risk of jailbreaking;

Security: the security layers on the device are removes after jailbreaking

Instability: your device becomes instabil caused of this process, your device behaves erratically.

Shortened batter life: after jailbreaking process, it is also known that phone has shorter batter life. When the service does not work properly, it may make your batter dry.

Inability to update: apple frequently removes jailbroken software from its update, which means that after jailbreak, your phone cannot be updated. It will be really harmful for your device.

Disruption of services. There are some services we can find in the phone such as visual voicemail, maps, weather and stocks. They could be disrupted after jailbreak. On a jailbroken device, the exchange and apple push notification do not work so well.

Those are still some issues that threat your phone after iOS jailbreak. So before you decide to jailbreak your device, make sure you have known about its risk may occur to you.

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