Download IOS 7 Jailbreak Pangu

IOS 7 was naturally used for iphone 4, and some iphone 5 who decide to downgrade the phone operating system. If now you are using iOS 7 in your iOS devices, probably you want to do any jailbreak for it to enjoy more apps you can download in the app store. Beside, you also can have full control of your iphone after jailbreak. Jailbreak itself has its own plus and minus, benefits and disadvantages, but for some iOS device users, the advantages itself is no longer considered. They feel happy after jailbreaking their iOS device. Here you will know step by step of iOS 7 jailbreak.



IOS 7 jailbreak step by step

  1. Before you start jailbreaking your iOS device, it is very important for you to check your phone version, because iOS 7 jailbreak will only be compatible with the devices such as;
  • Iphone 4s
  • Iphone 4
  • Iphone 5s
  • Iphone 5c
  • Iphone 5
  • Ipad mini
  • Ipad mini 2
  • Ipad 2
  • Ipad 3
  • Ipad 4
  • Ipad air
  • Ipod touch 5
  1. Then before you do the download and installation, it is very important for you to do the things below;
  2. Pangu iOS 7 jailbreak is a untethered jailbreak
  3. Backup your data device before jailbreak. Maybe you want to save some datas, photos and contacts.
  4. Download the newest itunes version. If you have had this one, you can update it.
  5. Turn off the passcode. Go to the setting > general > passcode lock on > turn passcode off. You can turn it one when the jailbreak process is done.
  6. Download pangu iOS 7 from this link
  7. Change the time setting of your iphone. Go to setting > general > date and time, and ensure that you set automatically
  8. Open the pangu file you have downloaded. For the mac users, you can open pangu file to run jailbreak process. Meanwhile, for the windows users, you should open the file exe pangu via “run as administrator”. To do this will be easy, just right click on file.
  9. Let pangu do jailbreak. Do not turn off your phone during the jailbreaking process. Also do not close pangu app when it is working.
  10. After it is successful, you can see cydia logo in your home screen, and good luck you have finished jailbreaking process.
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