Jailbreak IOS 6 By Using Evasi0n

Jailbreak iOS 6 – Jailbreaking the iOS device is a happy thing for some people. After jailbreak people feel that their device works lots better and they have the more control to it. The jailbreak itself means freeing the iOS device from limitation made and imposed by apple, or simply called as breaking the jail. It is the hacker activity, to eliminate the limitation of iOS users in downloading and using the apps from app store.


After jailbreak, an iOS device will be very different if compared with it before jailbreaking. One of the most soughtful characteristic is that there is a cydia app on the home screen. After jailbreak, the devices such as iphones, ipads, ipods and the apple tv, can have the full access to the iOS system, which mean also you will be able to download apps, themes, extensions, emojis, and many more for free. A jailbroken device still use the other apps like itune, app store, and messages in normal functions. The difference is that we have full access, and something might occur in the future.

There are many reasons which drive people jailbreaking their device. It is sometine not only about downloading and installing apps from app store with no limitation, but also there are the more important reasons. Some users even want to use their apple device beyond its limit. Then, they want to make their device evolve with the more features. Some advanced people even aim to download and use any programs out of apple approval. So the only one way is only by jailbreaking the phone

Jailbreak IOS 6 Processes

  • To jailbreak iOS 6 will be easy. It is the same as jailbreaking the other iOS versions.
  • First of all you need to download the jailbreak tool. You can download it here
  • Make sure that your computer or desktop meets the requirement. It should at least windows xp, os x 10.6 or linux x86_64.
  • You need to prepare usb cable to connect the computer with your iOS device. Now you are going to start installing it.
  • Before running the application, pleae backup your data using itunes, or icloud. Backup the data you need the most such as contacts, documents, cameral roll, etc.
  • Disable the passcode lock, go to settings > icloud > find my iphone > off.
  • Don’t use itunes or other iOS program until jailbreak process is completed.
  • Extract the downloaded file from zip archive, and drag it to your desktop
  • Double click the file and it will open
  • Connect your iOS device to the computer, but firstly make sure that all other programs that could access or sync your iOS device are closed
  • You can simply process it by clicking “jailbreak on the evasi0n app.
  • Jailbreak process may take some minutes. You can take your coffee rather than waiting it. Make sure you have enough battery, do not plug the device or disconnect it.
  • After 5 minutes or more, the jailbreak process is done, and you can see cydia app icon from your home screen. It is sometime hidden, you only need to search it on search box


If during the process you experience stuck, you can reboot your device by by holding down the power and home buttons until the device shuts down. Afterwards you can continue the jailbreak process.

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