Jailbreak for IOS 8.3 By Using TaiG 2.0

Following the release of iOS 8.3 firstly to the market, the jailbreaker namely TaiG finally release its jailbreak tool for 2.0 version. This tool is a jailbreak for iOS 8.3, including iOS 8.1 and iOS 8.2 as well. You will have jailbroken device who use the iOS 8.3 simply by using the TaiG jailbreak tool. In its first release, some tool tweak or plugin were not available, but then in the later there are some improvements done. Cydia substrate was also not available for the mobile substrate.


TaiG 2.0 is a untethered jailbreak tool which is compatible with every ipad, iphone and ipod devices who are using iOS 8. They also argue that iOS 8.3 with jailbreak is better in stability if compared to the device without jailbreak. However, this result will be relatively different based on different factors found.

Before you jailbreak your device by using TaiG 2.0, it is important for doing several preparations, as follow;

  • Fist of all, ensure that you have had the backup
  • Disable Passcode Lock dan Find My iphone. To do this, simply go to Settings > Passcode. To disable find my iphone, Settings > icloud > Find my iphone > OFF.
  • If all the process done, finally download TaiG 2.0 from window or mac.

Steps to Jailbreak iOS 8.3

  • First of all, open the downloaded TaiG 2.0, extract the file. Zip and then run the file .exe
  • Connect your iOS device with the computer
  • Push start button to start jailbreaking process, and make sure that your computer is connected with the stabil internet connection.
  • The jailbreak process will run 10 -15 minutes, and you can see the loading icon on your device. Make sure that the device and your computer keep connected until the jailbreak process finished.
  • Finally the jailbreak process is done. If it is successful, you can see cydia icon from your home screen, or if it is hidden, you can search it from the search box

The jailbreak process will be easy, and usually the same between one device and the other. The strength of internet connection is very important. For doing jailbreak process, make sure that your devices are full of battery, and the connection is stabil enough.

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