Must Know! Jailbreak IOS Disadvantages

IOS jailbreak becomes so popular following the release of iOS itself to public. There are many iOS users who have the jailbroken device feel so happy with the changes of their device and full control of store. However, there are also many people who feel unhappy because of jailbroken. Their devices experience some problems and issues. Jailbreaking itself will be very risky anyway, it threaten security, stability, and also disruption. The high risk of jailbreak iOS may be really harmful for you.

jailbreak-ios-disadvantagesIt was reported that more than 225,000 jailbreakers see their data stolen by the keyraider breach. It is totally harmful for the device users. So here we want to underline that jailbreaking is highly risky. We need to examine again about the pros and cons of jailbreaking, but as the help of you to consider jailbreak iOS of your own device, here we are going to reveal some jailbreak iOS disadvantages.

Reasons Not to Jailbreak Your Iphone

It can impact to your phone security, jailbreaking removes the security layers on your device. So your risk your phone privacy and security after jailbreak

Apple stop the warranty of the jailbroken device. So when you have jailbroken your iphone and ipad, means as well that you have the invalid warranty for those devices.

  • The iphone works right out of the box, and something goes wrong may happen.
  • You risk the safety, there are malwares which may attact your devices, as well as the crashy apps.
  • Your phone might getting slower performance
  • You threat the batter lifespan as well.
  • It is a cat and mouse game, which means it is what apple does not like. You cannot automatically update the iOS after jailbreak.
  • You also might have unreliable voice and data. You will find you device crashes more often than before jailbroken.

There are million of happy users in the world, because their phone gets the more fantastic, and they have the full control to the app store, as well as they can install any application they want to have. For apple, it relates to the commercial interest. More than it, it threat security which apple itself oppose to this. The unhappy users around the world find that the default apps which come with the iOS shows that its underlying structure cannot be customized by an individual progammers, and the third party developers. It seems like a cat and a mouse game since the first release of iphone in 2007.

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